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privacy 101

In the U.S., there are over 100 state and federal privacy laws.  If an organization offers products and services over the Internet to international customers, then foreign countries’ privacy laws, such as the European Directive, may apply too.  INDICIUM's Privacy 101 is an introduction to national and international laws applicable to organizations dealing with individuals’ information. 

privacy compendium

Armed with an introduction to an organization’s most applicable laws, now dive deeper into the common provisions of these laws.  INDICIUM created a Privacy Compendium, in which the most frequently asked questions for US and EU laws are answered.  INDICIUM carefully culled this information to help organizations determine both applicability and next steps, such as seeking outside assistance and developing internal expertise. 


Data and privacy projects require extensive expertise.  Project consulting is available for organizations in need of ongoing guidance.  INDICIUM's past projects include building and improving privacy programs for multi-national organizations, exploring privacy regulatory and compliance duties for firms, data governance and incident response for organization.



Privacy has become an increasingly complex topic and a globally important matter.  Furthermore, creating and implementing an effective privacy program can be a differentiator for an organization.  Key advice along the way is essential, and Privacy is a Mindset.  Lynn Goldstein is available to be an advisor and sit on an organization’s board.        

The INDICIUM team sees privacy as a strategic tool for protecting your organization’s greatest asset, instead of regulatory compliance that can still leave your organization vulnerable.