Select speaking engagements

Briefing On Assessment Processes to Achieve Assurance That Data Use is Legitimate and Not Unfair, Future Privacy Forum, May 2016

The Big Data Debate, Privacy and Access 20/20 Conference: The Future of Privacy, November 2015

Big Data Project Vetting to Assure Fair and Innovation Data Use, IAPP Privacy Academy, September2015 (with Martin Abrams, Genie Barton, Sheila Colclasure)

Privacy and Big Data Protection Issues to Consider Before Starting Big Data Projects, Big Data Summit, May 2015

Unified Ethical Frame for Big Data, Chief Data Officer Summit, April 28-29, 2015

Unified Ethical Frame for Big Data, IAPP Global Privacy Summit, March 5-6, 2015 (with Martin Abrams)

Bringing Big Data to Bear on Societal Issues, Oracle Data Warehouse and Big Data Global Leaders Program, June 2014

Big Data Governance, Building Resilient Cities: How Cities Can Harness the Power of Urban Informatics Workshop, Global Forum on Urban and Regional Resilience at Virginia Tech, May 2014

Bringing Big Data to Bear on Social Issues, Proskauer on Privacy: Annual Conference on Global Privacy and Data Security, May 2014

Big Data Governance, Big Data Innovation Summit, April 2014

Consumer Financial Protection Bureau: The Newest Financial Services Regulator, IAPP, January 2013

Who's on First? New Roles and Authority for the CFPB, FTC, Banking and Securities Agencies, IAPP Privacy Summit, March 2012 (with L. Leigh Feldman, Russell W. Schrader, and Andrew M. Smith)

Privacy and Security Around the World: Asia Pacific and APEC, PLI 12th Annual Institute on Privacy and Data Security Law, July 2011


Big Data Assessment Framework and Worksheet, The Information Accountability Foundation, June 2015 (with Martin Abrams)

Use of Jury Consultants, 4 Successful Partnering Between Inside and Outside Counsel, 2000 (with Christine A. Edwards, Steven P. Handler, David F. Wentzel)