privacy 101                                                       

No cost

The Indicium team firmly believes that Privacy is an integral part of an information organization.  Click here to learn what laws may be applicable to an organization in easily accessible Q & A format.

Privacy 201                                              


This annual membership gets an organization access to a fuller Q & A database on the most common U.S. and E.U. privacy laws.  Use this information to determine law applicability and next steps for an organization.



privacy 301                          

Hourly contract

A member of the Indicium team who is an experienced privacy professional will work with the organization to craft key privacy notices and policies.

privacy 401

Hourly contract

The Indicium team specializes in "privacy by design" - a methodology endorsed and promoted in both the US and the EU - to engender privacy best practices throughout the organization.




Larger project and contract work that includes and goes from Privacy 101 to 401.  Previous Indicium projects include work with the International Accountability Foundation on strategic work for multi-national organizations.


Lynn Goldstein is available to sit on an organization's board and act in an advisory capacity as an organization thinks through information usage and protection.